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OMX Nutrition Sdn Bhd is the exclusive distributor for products produced by Biobank Co. Ltd. Japan. Its distribution in Malaysia is by Multi-level marketing.

The product produced by Biobank Co. Ltd. Japan, “Ohhira Mountain fruits eXtract” OM-X, live encapsulated super lactic acid friendly bacteria is developed by Dr. Iichiroh Ohhira.

Its mission is to provide health products for customers to stay young and healthy. It has a direct marketing business model based on unprecedented ethical standards for the industry, always emphasizing professionalism when approaching customers and consumers.

OMX Nutrition Sdn Bhd has its main office in Subang Jaya with its active distributors spread all over Malaysia.


Everything we do, we have our customers in mind for their health and their happiness 

~ Live Healthy, Live Happy ~



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