Scientific Paper

1. Isolation / identification of TH10 from traditional fermented food in Southeast Asia, Tempeh

2. Enterococcus Feacalis TH10 shows proteolysis ability 6.25 times higher than that of common strains

3. Enterococcus faecalis TH10 shows high antibacterial effect against various kinds of disease-causing bacteria

4. Heat-killed Enterococcus TH10 stimulates macrophage cells for immunoregulation

5. Heat-killed Enterococcus TH10 improves Th1/Th2 balance and adjusts the acquired immune system

6. OM-X capsule is effective in reducing constipation and improving stool condition

7. OM-X capsule is effective in increasing the level of maximal oxygen consumption (VO2max)

8. OM-X capsule is effective in an increment of bone density among adult males and females

9. OM-X capsule is effective in reducing the length of hospital stay of infants with pneumonia

10. OM-X capsule is effective in reducing diarrhea symptoms among infants

11. OM-X capsule is effective in reducing symptoms of dengue hemorrhagic fever

12. OM-X capsule showed preventive effect against urinary tract infection, and increasing weight of malnourished children

13. OM-X showed inhibitory effect on model cells and mice with type 1 allergy

14. OM-X is effective in prolonging swimming duration and enhancing muscle endurance

15. OM-X is effective in reduction of substance causing fatigue among mouse models for fatigue test

16. Anti-inflammatory effect of OM-X suppressed inflammatory reaction in intestinal tract on mouse model of Citrobacter redentium infection

17. OM-X is effective for recovery of tight junctions and epithelial cells in intestine of infected mice

18. OM-X showed the capability to defend against Candida albicans in mouse model

19. OMX is effective in improvement in balance of gut microbiota

20. OM-X showed an increment of antioxidant activity and inhibitory activity of blood pressure elevation that proportional to its fermentation and maturation periods

21. OM-X promotes the proliferation of various lactic acid bacteria

22. OMX showed increment of levels of contained polyphenols and melanoidins proportionally with prolongation of its fermentation and maturation periods 

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