5 Years Fermentation

OMX is made using natural fermentation method utilizing seasonal ingredients. It has been undergo 5 years fermentation.

Why fermentation?

- 5 years fermentation process ‘convert/predigest’ the nutrients into smaller molecules. Thus, the nutrients is easily absorbed when digested.

Metabolites of Lactic Acid Bacteria

During the fermentation process of OM-X, the Maillard reaction proceeds in non-heating environment. As a result, the “ Melanoidin ” is accumulated as the final product.

Melanoidin is the black pigment composition which is produced by amino acids or proteins combining with sugars. It accumulates as the years go by and shows certain functional properties such as antioxidant, antimicrobial and antihypertensive activities.


The Fermentation Period determine the value of OM-X


5 years fermentation provided 90% Organic Acid !

Organic acids function to re-acidity the colon environment that promote the growth of friendly bacteria & eliminate harmful bacteria from colon.


The longer the fermentation period, the higher ACE-inhibition * effect.


The longer the fermentation period, the higher antioxidant effect .

DPPH antioxidant assay showed OM-X with 5 years fermentation has higher antioxidant effect.

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