OM-X Soap

A natural cleansing bar rich in fermented vegetable extract with probiotics


OM-X Soap merges the revitalizing power of natural ingredients, ancient Japanese fermentation skills and modern science to create a clarifying, balancing and rejuvenating skin cleanser gentle enough for the entire family.

It helps to improve skin condition through cleansing, nourishing, moisturizing and protecting properties.




 • Using quality vegetable oil as soap base, added with selected plant extracts and OM-X probiotics
 • Processed with low temperature Kamadaki method in which glycerin, a moisturizing ingredient, remains in an abundant quantity. 

      Processed with low temperature

      Does not contain fragrances, stabilizers, deodorants, preservatives, chemicals, synthetic minerals, or artificial colors. Do not contribute to environmental pollution.

      All natural ingredients used are gentle to skin

      Suitable for all skin types and all ages, including newborn baby.

      Suitable for daily use and good for both body and face



OM-X Soap is made from fruit juice (prune, blue berry, wild berry and apple), vegetable extract (Chinese cabbage, carrot, green pepper and celery), soybean, milk powder, raw sugar, oligosaccharide and milk sugar, which are fermented for two years; seaweed (sea tangle Laminaria Japonica, brown seaweed Hizikia Fusiforme and wakame Undaria Pinnatifida) and mushrooms (shiitake Lentinula edodes, bracket fungus Ganoderma Lucidum and maitake Grifola Frondosa) are the added; subsequently it is fermented and matured for more than three years by adjusting the sugar and viscosity throughout the whole production process. Sugar is used as an extracting base.


  • Relieves skin problems (fungal infections, athlete’s foot, acne, cradle cap, eczema & atopic dermatitis)
  • Alleviates unpleasant body odor – excellent deodorant effects
  • For shaving face, legs and other delicate areas – reduces razor-rash
  • Can be used as facial cleanser - leaves your skin supple, radiant & youthful
  • Safe for sensitive skin and even newborn’s delicate skin
  • Maintains a healthy in pH balance
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