Ohhira Magoroku


Multi-purpose Moisturizer




Magoroku Skin Oil combines the rejuvenating powers of natural ingredients, ancient Japanese fermentation skills, and 21st century technology to create a superior healing, moisturizing and revitalizing experience.



Magoroku is the "Guardian Deity for Skin", it has a significant effect towards any skin problem we encounter.


The Benefits

OHHIRA Magoruko = Antiseptic ointment  + Nappy Protector + Moisturizing oil +  Eye’s cream + Hand & Foot cream + other’s  usage


1. Antiseptic ointment : anti-inflammatory treatment for variety of wounds


2. Burn ointment : apply on the small scale burned skin, soothe the skin overnight.


3. Eye’s cream : apply under the eyes in the morning


4. Nappy protector : effective for nappy rashes


5. Moisturizing oil : moisturize dry skin


6. Hand & Foot cream : effective for cracked hand and heel.

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