ON PhytoGreens


The Detoxification Beverage with Complete Phytonutrients




PhytoGreens is a potent combination for more than 20 types of natures most nourishing, cleansing and powerful superfoods. Combination of soluble and insoluble fibre; added with sulforaphane, digestive enzymes and high antioxidants phytonutrients, it is definitely a great beverage that should taking everyday. 



Health Benefits

> Promotes Colon and Cellular Detoxification

Combination of soluble and insoluble fibre aids in ease bowel movement. Broccoli whole sprout powder has the ability to talk to body DNA, aids in cellular detoxification. Combination of colon and cellular detoxification purifies the body, promotes efficient exchange of nutrients and wastes to facilitate the excretion of waste and toxins. 


>Lower blood pressure, bad cholesterol and blood sugars 

Soluble fibre in PhytoGreens aids in removal of bad cholesterol and slow the absorption of blood sugar, aids in controlling 3H. Together with high antioxidant content, protect body from cardiovascular diseases. 


>Improve digestive enzymes 

Added with digestive enzymes, aids in digestion of carbohydrate, protein, lactose, fibre and fat. These definitely ease the digestion.  


> Promote proliferation of friendly bacteria 

Dietary fibre helps to promote the proliferation of friendly bacteria. The growth of friendly bacteria will suppress the growth of bad bacteria, enhance immunity and overall body functions. 


>Eliminate free radicals 

Various phytonutrients boost cellular immunity, prevent DNA damage induced by radiation and enhance cellular repair.


>Balance Bodily pH 

Consumes PhytoGreens increase the pH value (alkaline) of the body to help maintain a good pH level, which is necessary for the strengthening of our immune system and organs. 


Recomended Intake

Direction of Consumption:

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