ON PhytoVita Greens


Nutritional Drinks Rich in Phytonutrients & Dietary Fibers




PhytoVita Greens is a potent combination of more than 20 of natures most nourishing, cleansing and powerful superfoods with naturally occurring minerals, vitamins amino acids and phytonutrients to create a balanced, nutrient rich, natural daily superfood.



Health Benefits

> Promotes Cellular Detoxification

Purifies the body, promotes efficient exchange of nutrients and wastes to facilitate the excretion of waste and toxins. This will improve blood circulation and restore healthy complexion as well as promotes rosy, smooth and glowing skin.


> Excellent Source of Chlorophyll

Repairs and increases healthy red blood cells, improves oxygen uptake to cells, boosts energy, removes heavy metals and reduces inflammation.


> Anti-Radiation, Prevents Oxidative Stress

Boosts cellular immunity, prevents DNA damage induced by radiation and enhances cellular repair.


> Balances Bodily PH

Consuming PhytoVita Green increases the pH value (alkaline) of the body to help maintain a good pH level, which is necessary for the strengthening of our immune system and organs.


> Relieves Stress

Helps suppress internal (physiological) and external (psychological) stress through general revitalisation of the body. It balances the body, mind and soul, releases tension, calms mood and relieves stress caused by heavy work load and exam anxiety.

Recomended Intake

Direction of Consumption:

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